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If you live in the UK and have experienced Fibromyalgia now or in the past, we want to hear from you.

PIP Health is a patient research company working to improve healthcare for all patients. We are supporting the Fibromyalgia Association UK by donating £1 for every survey you complete!

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Please be assured that we take your privacy seriously and will not forward your personal details to anyone. After you register, you will receive email invitations to take part in short surveys about your health, your experiences of Fibromyalgia and your opinion on healthcare in general. All our research is about health and healthcare related topics.

All surveys are voluntary, that means you can always skip a survey, but every time you do complete a survey, PIP Health will donate £1 to the charity of your choice, for example FMA UK.

Please note: these donations don't cost you any money, because registering for PIP Health and taking part in surveys is and always will be completely free.

With your insights you will help healthcare organisations understand how to provide better products, services and information for all patients. So by taking part you will help us increase awareness, raise money for FMA UK and improve the Quality of Life of millions of people like you.

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