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If you live in the UK and are affected by mental health conditions including depression and bipolar, take a few minutes to read this page as it could be of interest.
PIP Health is a patient research company, whose mission is to improve healthcare for all patients through research. We believe that people's views should be represented so that everyone involved in delivering healthcare is more Patient Intelligent.

We are supporting The Bipolar Organisation - the leading national charity providing self-help groups and support for people with bipolar - by donating £1 for every person who signs up today!

Complete your details on the right hand side of this page to register for PIP Health (it's free!). You will receive short surveys about your experience of depression and bipolar about once a month. All surveys are voluntary, but we will donate a further £1 to MDF Bipolar for every survey you complete.
By doing so you will help us increase awareness, support a good cause and help improve the Quality of Life of millions of people like you.
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